Bertelson Law Offices periodically publishes the Workplace News newsletter. Our past issues may be downloaded here.

 Workplace News Newsletter Archive

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Spring 2016 (download) My Boss is Horrible. Do I Have a Legal Claim?

December 2015 (download) My Employer Is Giving Me The
Choice of Being Fired or Resigning, What Should I Do? / Can I Get Unemployment Benefits If I Receive Severance Pay?

Summer/Fall 2015 (download) Don’t Sign A Separation Agreement At the Termination Meeting / Wage Disparity Still a Problem

Fall 2014 (download) My Employer Rejected My Request for Reasonable Accommodation / Teleworking As A Reasonable Accommodation / What is the Interactive Process?

Winter 2013 (download) Help, I think I might be fired / Can I see my personnel file? / Looking for a new job

Fall 2012 (download) Mandatory requirements for valid releases / Election day rights for employees

Spring 2012 (download) Workplace bullying / University of Minnesota adresses workplace bullying

Winter 2012 (download) Controversial employment selection practices

Fall/Winter 2007 Restrictive covenants / Severance agreements / Collecting unemployment insurance benefits / OWBPA

Spring/Summer 2006 Just cause in arbitration / Findings from unemployment compensation hearings

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