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Ensuring Your Severance Package Meets Your Needs

The terms of a severance agreement can have a major impact on your future, career and financial well-being. When you are offered severance benefits and pay, it is important not to sign the agreement before having the contract reviewed by a skilled attorney. Our team is here to meet your severance agreement needs.

At Bertelson Law Office, P.A., our lawyers help employees throughout Minnesota reach fair and favorable severance packages, separation agreements and buy-out packages. We will carefully review the offered agreement and provide experienced guidance with your goals in mind. If the offered severance package does not adequately serve your needs, we will tenaciously negotiate to get you better terms. We care deeply about getting you the best agreement for your future.

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When navigating complex executive severance issues, you want trusted experience in your corner. Both of our severance attorneys, Beth Bertelson and Andrea Ostapowich, are certified by the Minnesota State Bar Association as employment and labor law specialists. They have over 50 years’ combined experience helping employees like you with severance agreements and other employment law issues. We understand what it takes to reach favorable severance packages. Let us put our knowledge and experience toward protecting your goals.

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“Beth’s experience is a huge asset in negotiations. She was incredibly helpful in pursuing a severance plan for me in a timely manner. Her advice was always spot on.”

— Past Client

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